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Tag: personal essay

You, Me + The Little Princess

Long live the little princess.

The Love Was Real

I loved and then lost. The memory of his powerfully resilient spirit shall remain with and inspire me forever more.

A Love Named Josh (Part 3)

Accepting oneself is difficult. Coming out as gay in a world that does not accept you can make this process even harder. Join me for Part 3 of my letter to a man who knows this firsthand.

A Love Named Josh (Part 1)

Coming out as gay is hard. Coming out as a gay man to the woman you love is even harder. This is a letter for a man I will always love… even though it became too confusing for him to continue loving me back.

The Phone Call/Let No Man Judge Us

Today’s post serves as a good reminder of what can happen when we waste time worrying about what others think about us. We are greater than the opinions and potential criticisms of others.