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The Phone Call/Let No Man Judge Us

Today’s post serves as a good reminder of what can happen when we waste time worrying about what others think about us. We are greater than the opinions and potential criticisms of others.

My Stalker & Me

An inside look at one person’s ongoing experience with depression.

Auto Reply

Is it enough? Am I enough? Will this ever be alright?

25 to Life

I love you like the pain I feel when I get sad. Before I reminisce about the love we had.

My Beautiful Twin

Mirror, mirror on the wall–You say I’m fairest of them all. But if it’s so, then may I ask: Why my sole friend’s this old cracked glass?

L Stands For Luminol

In the damp cell of life, I serve my time and think of you. Your silenced lips now haunt me. If only I’d known what I’d do.


Bloodied heart. Wasted dreams. I just can’t shake this love, no matter how much pain it brings.


I dream of you often, dear fragment of my imagination. I long for you still, so I’m burdened by this hopeful frustration…