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For blog, business, retail or personal inquiries (No advertisements please!), feel free to use the form below.

I am notoriously slow at responding on social media (though you are most welcome to follow me), so please divert all questions and general comments here if you desire a response. The contact information and message you provide are kept confidential unless you specify otherwise.

Inquiries may include any of the following or similar:

  • Blog Post Topic Requests
  • Blog Tags
  • Post Collaborations (Please be ensure that you are a frequent reader of mine who is somewhat familiar with the general content of my blog. This is a blog about life experiences and art in various forms.)
  • Questions about products I currently have for sale (US customers only–sorry!)
  • General questions you’d like me to answer in an upcoming post
  • Advice
  • Report broken links or technical issues
  • Love letters — I like those ☺️

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