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Gone Fishin’


A product of that wild imagination

You keep me on rotation


A vintage vinyl

Pure elation

I’m real


Solid gold


Hard to hold

Mellow yellow


In ’86:

He broke a perfect mold


I heard that you have been doubting me

‘Cause your past lovers mistakes could never be

all the things you’ve finally found in me

Still, you chase down my L-O-V-E

But darling, I simply can’t blame you

So when you think you’re ready, just come through

I’ll make you feel something that’s brand new

Watch me open blind eyes to this clear view 


We’re just two kids laughing in the black dark

Played with Cupid’s matches– lit a blaze with only one spark

If you seek, I’ll hide; let’s run a fair and balanced race

If you’ll boost your placid treble, I’ll turn down my wayward bass


Now we’re learning: 

One plus one makes one

Our foolish teachers lied

So when it is your time:

Come dance with me

Come feel alive

‘Cause I will make you feel so right

Let’s go drown in crimson light

I might get you high each night

Come own the sky

Come be my kite

© C.M. 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Featured PhotoValeriia Miller/Pexels

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