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uncommon flower.

uncommon flower

don’t clip your wings

chasing after

shiny things

mine true gold

survey your heart

it’s never quite

too late

to start

for once

I was

a timid


kept in shadows

playing possum

much too frail

to sprout

to bloom

no roots could take

there was no room


by life’s

brambles, weeds

I watched 

as others

planted seeds

at harvest time

a crop was found




without a sound

too weak to thrive

too strong to rot

the land seemed bare

yet it was not

learn to swim 

against the tide

unfurl your petals

cast them wide

uncommon flowers

grow the best

once shown

they’re not

quite like the rest

with leaves too green

with stalks too tall

we close in spring

yet bloom by fall

we greet the rain

yet loathe the sun

rub elbows 

with rocks

just for fun

you’ll profit none

growing against

your one true purpose

clung to a fence

emerge from where

they’ve planted you

saying you won’t rise

prove their lies aren’t true 

© C.M. 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Featured PhotoRaphael Brasileiro/Pexels

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