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Conversations: Dividends

I believe you.

Do you really believe me or are you just saying that?

I’ve never gotten into the habit of saying things I don’t mean.

I believe you.

If you say you will, you will.

You do everything else you put your mind to.

That much is evident.

It hasn’t seemed as though you’ve believed me in the past.


If I recall correctly, you never explicitly said it in the past.

Maybe not in so many words, but–

In intent?


I’ve always wanted to, I just… couldn’t.

You know I couldn’t.

“Want to” and “will do” are two completely different things though.

I should know.

You can run a whole life on the fumes of “wanting” to do something.

You just won’t get far, that’s all.

It’s not for a lack of trying.

I know.

But it’s been hard on you, hasn’t it?

Of course it has!

No harder on me than you though.


Even so, I’m at peace with all of this now.

It’s been grueling, but…

I think I’ve finally cracked the code.

At peace?

You’re kidding me, right?

Nothing about what we’re facing is my idea of “peaceful”.

On the surface, it isn’t.

But we have to look beyond that.

We can’t look at it the way we’ve been.

It’ll destroy us.

How else can we look at it?

I mean, it is what it is.

It’s… not ideal.

True, it isn’t ideal.

I can’t lie about that. 

But it isn’t about make believe or playing pretend.

The current circumstances can remain as challenging as they’ve been.

That doesn’t mean that we need to acknowledge the difficulty.

What do you mean?

What I mean is…

Things are the way they currently are, right?


And we don’t seem to be able to change it, right?

Not at the moment, no.

Not yet.

Okay, then we have to change how we view it.

It’s the only way out.

We can’t keep banging on a brick wall, asking it to fall over for us.

Let’s start drawing pictures on it instead, make it more beautiful.

Use it to our own benefit.

Wait, wait, wait.

Are we talking about us still or art class?

Hang on now, follow me.

I mean, let’s say that everything we’ve ever hoped for is already done.

What if… all of this nonsense we’ve been going through is already over?

What if the physical world simply hasn’t gotten the memo yet?



I mean, you believe in all that manifestation stuff, right?

I know you want this just as much as I do.

Surely, between the two of us, we’re bound to win in the end.

We already know how the story ends.

I sure hope so.

That’s the point though.

This is beyond hope alone.

We’ve got to start knowing.

We have to eat, breathe, and sleep it now.

We have to start being what we’ve been aiming for.

It’s not good enough to keep wanting it.

Not anymore.

So you want me to act like I’m not miserable?

Like you’re not miserable?

I was never “miserable”. 

But… yeah.

When we look at what we’re going through we have to start seeing something different.

I have to view you differently.

You have to view me differently.

Think back to what I told you early this morning.

Whatever you were thinking, whatever you were feeling…

Stay there.

Run with it.

Forget what it looks like.

Focus on what it feels like.

What it is like.

Focus on what it feels like…


You aren’t quite catching what I’m throwing, are you?

That’s okay.

Think about it for awhile.

You’ll catch my drift.

And when you do, try it.

I promise you’ll like it.

So… what?

You’ve been giving it a go?

Yeah, I have.

Obviously, I haven’t been doing it long or things might’ve been easier sooner.

And you like it so far?


I love it.

“Love”, huh?

That’s a pretty strong word you’re using there.

Funny how you don’t mind when it’s tossed in your direction.

Maybe I’m a little biased.

Uh huh…

You think?

Anyhow, I just wanted you to know that I’m still right here with you.

I know it’s not easy, but we’ll get there.

I know we will.

It might not be as long as we think.

I know.

It just gets hard at times, that’s all.

I get tired.

I’ve been tired.

All of this is just temporary though, babe.

That’s what I need you to remember.

Every day that goes by is another step closer.

One day we’ll wake up and it’ll be the day we’ve been waiting for, yeah?

Look at you, being all positive.

Isn’t that usually more my thing?

Don’t get it twisted.

It’s still your thing.

A cynic never throws in the towel.

I just know you need me to push you right now.

If I’ve got to sound like a motivational poster to do it, so be it.

Thank you.


Thank you.

After all, you’re the one taking most of the heat– not me.

I mean, it’s hardly a walk in the park most days, but I’m learning.

I think I’ve finally figured out how to make it more tolerable.

What’s that?

I just look at it as an investment.

All the waiting. 

All the obstacles.

All the setbacks.

Everything we’re currently facing is a deposit.

The more we invest now, the better our return will be later.

So you’re viewing us like the stock market.

Leave it to you to be creative.

Hey, don’t knock it ’til you try it.

It gets me through the day.

But it’s true.

If we can get through this, everything else will be like heaven in comparison.

If we get there?

Yeah, it will.

Not if, but when.

And trust me, we’re getting there.

I don’t care if I have to drag you!

We’ve come entirely too far to be talking about “if”.

I know.

I’ve been trying to keep everything in perspective.

I really have.

No more trying.

Just be.

Just be.


All of this is nothing more than a test.

An investment?


An investment.

But do you wanna know the best part?

You mean there’s something good in all of this?

Don’t be melodramatic.

Of course, there is!

Alright, alright.

Tell me then.

What’s the best part?

The best part is that if you can keep going…

If you can hang in there just a little bit longer…

I’ll be sure to deliver the return on your investment– personally


That sounds… pretty exciting, actually.

It should.

You’ll be set for life.

© C.M. 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Featured Photo: Emre Kuzu/Pexels

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