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basic needs.


Quite honestly

I critically




Let’s dance in the rain

Throw off 

these rusted chains

Give into it

Let’s go insane

Leave them wondering

what is to blame

I would like to play a game

of truth or dare with you

Let me know when you’ll be through

with the dodging, ducking, divin’

‘Cause we’ve got to close our eyes

to keep on drivin’

We’ve had to drown our fears

Look how we’re out here vibin’

Hey Scotty, come beam me up to outer space…

Lift off

Let me trace the lines of your sweet face…

Masks off

You could never be replaced

Not now, not ever

Weather girl cites stormy weather

Rain and clouds: We’re good together

Rising phoenix

Rising phoenix

All night

Yeah, all day

Birds of a feather

Pain forged us better

Love you, but I

don’t play



don’t play


with me

Though I’m gentle

I’ll rough you up


ever need be

If you feel your heart defrosting 

it’s ’cause of that fire

inside me

Been spending all my time

trying to tame these searing flames

But there you go again

There you go again




So when you find the time

let’s pull some strings

Over here dreaming 

of Hawaii 


Over here wishing

to just run off


I just need the warmth of the sand

I just need your smile. Hold my hand.

Need to feel the breeze run through the palm trees

Watch God as He brings us both to our knees

Is it time to shake the bottle?

Let’s be real wild with it

Is it time to go full throttle?

Know we won’t regret it

If you want this life, admit it

If you’re ready, then I’m with it

If we’re met with strife, let’s split it

If winning’s all there is, let’s get it

These are my basic needs.

© C.M. 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Featured Photojax888/Pixabay

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