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They keep on whispering.

Pointing out things

that you have never seen

Encroaching upon

our lovely waking dream

Talking about

how your heart’s

cold and mean

That I’ll never 


a thing

That we can’t fight



for reasons

they still will not explain

Yet, we’ve warred 




They still can’t ascertain

This thing 


fuels us

This thing 


shields us

from their acid rain

So instead

they keep whispering


Saying that I am insane for stayin’.

Saying that I’ll die alone– still prayin’.

Saying it’s not worth the price I’m payin’.

But they won’t drag me from my throne– I’m stayin’.

Just sayin’.

Though they whisper



They’ve tried to cloud our sight





Know it hasn’t been the best year

But darling, we still made it here

Proof we’re built to persevere

Strength saturates our DNA

Tenacity won’t fade away

We rise to fight another day

Please know I’ll never go astray

And though the skies now brood in grey

You’re not a pawn in their charade

Despite the foolish games they play

I won’t fall prey to mere hearsay

So I say, “Just let them whisper.”

© C.M. 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Featured Photo: doctorharrison/Pixabay

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