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I Spy.

Two twin portals to the prodigious unknown beckon to me.

Creamy and consistent.

Warm like fine bourbon.

Easy to digest, with a smoothness that envelops this parched soul with sumptuous velvet.

Hard as onyx, yet fit for a newborn lamb, they frequently grip my heart,

rendering it helpless beneath their oscillating, but newly warring states:

Burgeoning desire versus long-lived drudgery.

Sparkling, ever still, amidst the pressures of their carefully curated reality, 

these precious jewels are free from skillfully sculpted facets, 

but not yet free from conflict.

Set deep within a highly celebrated modern wonder, 

the matching stones watch on in defiant silence

as mere spectators, enthusiasts, and critics carelessly examine their timeless beauty.

So many would-be experts!

None of which possess the emotional acuteness to comprehend what it took for the gems and their coveted artifact to be formed to near perfection.

Opinionated as they are, their carnal senses cloud their inner sight and understanding.

They fail to acknowledge its craftsman, who spared not the slightest intricate detail 

as they lovingly formed their bejeweled handiwork between two hands.

Year after year of endless toil and unfaltering concentration

have left the world with one of the rarest findings of its kind.

No, they cannot begin to appreciate the resounding splendor

that encases the black diamonds of my attention.

All the same, their gross oversight has never stopped them from

scrutinizing its features, much less greedily and callously estimating its

worth out on the auction block.

As though that was ever their responsibility or right.

Treasure of all treasures, I’ve gazed within the bewitching depths of

your glossy surface.

Time and time again, this hopeful adventurer has been met with

countless obstacles while attempting to do so; as though your mysterious

glow might mercilessly encapsulate her, claiming an enthusiastic hostage. 

She’s feared to look upon you too intently, lest you suddenly crumble and

blow away in the desert wind before her.

However, I climbed to the summit today, finally braving all that

previously stood in the way.

I received an unexpected answer to an unexpected question.

It was an answer which I had mistakenly believed

might never be unearthed.

I looked into your eyes as I’ve always felt compelled beyond control to do.

I looked into your eyes as they once asked me to.

They were never diamonds.

They were never onyx.

They were always mirrors.

And in their still reflection, I spied the strangest thing.


© C.M. 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Featured Photothe happiest face/Pexels

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