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miscellaneous doll parts.

Barbie’s growing tired of being displayed on the shelf

She wants to let her hair down and have Ken all to herself

Drive the pink convertible for miles straight up the coast

Stop somewhere enchanting in the beach town she loves most

Ken could brave the waves while Barbie lounges on the sands

Picking pretty seashells up with pretty molded hands

Share fake food by candlelight, then lie beneath the stars

Sipping faux Moscato out of mini mason jars

But this is all just make believe, a game they cannot play

Their owner’s back in school and won’t be back ’til Saturday

They could always sneak out, except Ken’s in the toy box

And Barbie’s much too short to reach the lid and pick the locks

So all Barbie can do is pose real still upon her stand

She contemplates jumping, but there’s nowhere soft to land

With painted eyes, she stares down at her tiny plastic shoes

Her owner’s bought so many, she’s got all a girl could choose

There’s heeled ones and there’s flat ones for her little pointed feet

If only she could move alone– the people she could meet!

And then there is her wardrobe full of all the latest things

Designer dresses bought to match her many diamond rings

To cut the sadness in the air you’d need a little knife

She doesn’t want to be a doll; she wants a real girl’s life

For now, she’s stuck within the four walls of her owner’s playroom

Silent on the shelf, wishing that playtime would soon resume

© C.M. 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Featured Photoisabellaquintana/Pixabay

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