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extracurricular activities.

Caught here

feeling like an addict

Now I need it

gotta have it

String and carrot

so I grab it

Drowning in 

my favorite habit

Don’t know how

it keeps me coming

When he calls me

I come running

Dreamy smoke

laced with pure cunning

Floating upwards

views so stunning

Took the first hit

that’s when I knew

There’s no limit

to what I’ll do

A million miles 

I’d still pursue

A million words

to sweet talk you

I like the trip

how high I feel

But love the taste

it’s so surreal

You leave marks

I can not conceal

A rehab sentence?

I’ll appeal!

Shocking how messed 

up I can get

Deeply distressed

but sans regret

You lead me ’round

like I’m your pet

Still, promise me

you’re not done yet

© C.M. 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Featured Photo Credit: StockSnap/Pexels

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