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Pixelated snippets of a being are

all she really needs.

Holds her breath to keep from

tearing at the seams.

Is it really what it seems?

Is she really reigning queen?

‘Cause her heart is fracturing.


Fracture ring.

Ring’s a size eight

You’re wrapped around her finger– 

Ain’t that right?

She’s the pulse of

everything you do.

Got you beaten:

Black on black and blue


Life’s amazin’.

Life’s a maze then

life starts changin’.

Life gets strange when

people know 

your mind’s in outer space; 

you’re spacin’

actin’ out of place and pacin’

switchin’ up your pace and tracin’

foreign looks upon your face

But you love the chase though, don’t you?

But you crave its taste though, don’t you?

Take a foot off of the brakes now– 

Oh, yes… You know you want to.

Might risk it all for these high stakes now.

Will or won’t you?

Dear Mr. High Roller,

It’s time to fold, her

hourglass is vacant

Her garden’s oh-so-fragrant

from growing tired, impatient.




all the right things

just the wrong way



So, when the time 

is right

You’ll have the words to say

all night

Come and sate her 

Plate her with something

‘Cause a lick of anything’s

better than feasting on nothing

For she knows it’s been hard

She knows it’s been rough

Knows you’ve never been sure of this

“falling in love” stuff

Especially when

perfection‘s what you’re capturing,

when perfection‘s worth manufacturing.

But ’til then, she’s fracturing


Fracture ring.

© C.M. 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Featured Photo Credit: Free-Photos/Pixabay

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