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.follow the light.

Two ardent stars— incandescent, bright

Calling out throughout the night

Have you faith? Have you the might

to find yourself? Follow the light.

The first one strobes so calm and true.

Pure white, it glows— intense like you.

Strong enough to pierce right through

the darkness shielding it from view.

Meeting long before mid-night

Two stars gleam beneath moonlight

Have you faith? Have you the might

to find pure joy? Follow the light.

The second star’s a melodic dancer

It’s pulse provides the other’s answer

She waves her rainbow like a banner

Greeting the first in a bashful manner

Conversing at the speed of light

At dusk, they rush to reunite

Have you faith? Have you the might

to find the truth? Follow the light.

For days, I’ve watched the stars convene

Desperate to cross the void between

I’ve felt you near, but have I seen

you reaching out beyond night’s screen?

Perhaps it’s you, perhaps it’s not

I’ve prayed it so… more than I ought

Still, I guide my star, I shoot my shot

To lead the one that I have sought

I also feel empty without your gaze

So, I toss all night while I dream most days

Like a blossom craves the sun’s warm rays

This is not a farce. This is not a phase.

Would the air harm the moon? Would the sea scar the land?

Then why should you fear the mere touch of my hand?

I love you in ways I cannot understand.

I love you like this whole fiasco was planned.

By the Earth, by the clouds, by the stars in the sky

Your combustible soul leaves me blissfully high

As I sit by my window, I let out a sigh

Clinging to lights that I’ve spied with my eye

May two strange stars, one at great height

Collide to form one source of light.

Have you faith? Have you the might

to find me yet? Follow the light.

© C.M. 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Featured Photo Credit: Pexels/Pixabay

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