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the things they called me.

They called me baby

And they called me lovely

They called me nightly

Yet they never loved me

They called me flawless 

And they called me strong

They called me savior

But each claim was wrong

They called me black

Then they called me white

They called me colors

But never called right

They called me hopeless 

And they called me last

They called me less than

What they said held fast

They called me trouble 

And they called me vain

They called me out

While they moved the same

They called me sullen

Embittered, uncouth 

They called me morbid

But was it truth?

They called me snobbish 

And they called me fat

They called me lies

Yet I took them as fact

They called me sell out

Then they called me fake

They called me puppet

T’was the last blow I’d take

Me? I call myself pretty and loyal and smart

Not perfect, but kind and handy at art

I smile when I sing. Quick to help those in need

With a solid gold heart– I’ve not fallen to greed

The life that I lead isn’t subject to labels

I change like the wind til my traits are just fables

But I know right from wrong

Like I know cold from hot

As I know who I am

And now know what I’m not

© C.M. 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Featured Photo Credit: Farbsynthese/Pixabay

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