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Of Outlaws & Nursery Rhymes

Like a cannonball, the Eastern sun

shines light on how the West was won

Are you following me?

Leathered Southern men rage wild in bar fights

whilst dreamers watch for fading Northern lights

Are you following me?

Oh, how the great fire burns; it churns!

We all take turns avoiding Mother Nature’s smoke and ashes

Oh, how life draws us in– Sane, yet in pain!

Beginning long before fate deals its hungry lashes

Mary, Mary, quite contrary. 

The muddy water’s rising, but the truth ain’t buried.

Between lost sheep and jumping cows there’s nothing left, but all our vows.

A peaceful life of slumber’s what we can’t allow.

Young Jack and Jill, falling down the hill. 

If we don’t move to save them, no one will.

Yes, Mary’s feeling quite contrary. 

Arctic water rising

Sins: no longer buried

© C.M. 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Featured Photo Credit: Steve/Pexels

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