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The Painted Skies Of Our Eyes

Do you see what I see?

A western wind that treads so lightly

Timid nightingale crooning brightly

Three decades– fierce and spritely

Do you see what I do?

Burj Khalifa held by craft glue

A gem: Ligurian Mer de Bleu.

Inland taipan charmed to trust you

She’s a phoenix. She’s a spark.

A pulse! White lightening piercing dark

She’s a woman now, but firstly, she’s a child.

Crescent Moon, meet Blazing Sun

She’s your medal not yet won.

She’s domesticated, yes. Her heart grows wild.

She’s the blood within your veins.

The eye of your life’s hurricanes

She’s impulsive as storm clouds, but she holds steady.

Light of day and still of night

She’s what feeds your appetite.

Though she trembles still, you’ll find she’s been made ready.

But can you see without your eyes?

My true beauty– kept safe inside

Do you trust truth more or less than your own pride?

I’m the water. She’s the air.

Close your eyes. We’re everywhere.

She’s the one you feel when you are in disguise.

She’s the beating in your chest.

I’m the one that you’ll love best.

Watch us race our mustangs through your painted skies.

© C.M. 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Featured Photo Credit: Jakob/Pexels

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