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one (red) cent

I started a fire in the house I built

Poured gasoline all on the ground

With one little match, I lit a whole pack

I’m so sorry that we were burned down

You promised me diamonds, you swore to me pearls

You fed me thin wafers of hope

You gave me a ring, claiming to be king

But when it came to love, you were broke

So, I poisoned the well, and I’d do it again

It’s too evident to pretend

The water we drank ran foul and it stank

Here’s one final toast, my old friend

For what once was golden has tarnished, it’s rotted

I pawned it for a red cent

Then I found a man proud to stick to his plan

’Twas the best heartache ever spent

© C.M. 2019 All Rights Reserved

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Featured Photo Credit: Pixabay/Pexels

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