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I’m trying.

Yes, I’m trying to…

I’ve been trying to—

What am I supposed to do?

I’m waiting.

Waiting impatiently for you.

Got cement blocks for feet.

I’m lying, but still I cannot move.

I’ve been…

Caught between.

Ah, yes, that’s right.

I’ve been caught in between this smokescreen of a life 

And those indispensable dreams.

Now it seems as though—


Society says reality is king, right?

They say real love ain’t really a thing, right?

They say you should screw them in and out just like a bulb in a light.

Then put them out with the trash in the morning.

Go find their replacement the next night.

‘Cause “It’s not worth the fight.”

Isn’t that right?

Isn’t that right?

Well, for me, that’ll never feel right.

So, I find myself 

in the midst of 

a most 



No nets in sight.

No nets in sight.

I free fell off the ledge and I was afraid of heights.

I landed in your eyes somewhere.

Currents of brown held me down.

I never bothered coming up for air.

I’ve made myself at home there.

I hope you do not mind.

I hope it’s fine.

It’s just that…

A place where I feel comfortable’s been so hard to find.

I promise not to consume your time.

When you need, I can disappear.

No one even has to know I’m here…

Unless you find you like me near…


I know your life is kinda crazy.

A different post code daily.

But it’s been wearing on you lately

So maybe…

I think that I could be of some assistance.

Let’s put an end to all the distance.

Take the path of least resistance.

‘Cause lying to ourselves is hardly working out for us.

The lies that we tell ourselves are so superfluous.



I’ve had enough.

Have you had enough?

Have you had enough?

© C.M. 2019 All Rights Reserved

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Featured Photo Credit: Henry & Co./Pexels

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