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Yeah, so…

Lately I’ve been out here reckless, switching lanes

Pulling ninety to one-hundred on slicks in the blinding rain

I keep praying this won’t end up the same

I swear I love you, but I’m not to blame

I swear I love you ’cause you numbed the pain

I once chewed on haunted fears then blithely went insane

Your unyielding deep compassion’s been my Novocain 

A blissful revelation that confounds a rational brain

A blissful revelation I can no longer live without

So I talk to the sky all night, trying to figure out—

Why do we see darkness in the daylight? What’s this all about?

Could we be the quiet storm to end a lifelong drought?

Could we be the quiet storm to rise and finally end this mess?

The trophy for internal warfare’s humbling madness… I guess

Maybe it’s because we aren’t like anyone else

We love people better than we’ve ever learned to love ourselves

We love people better than we probably should

Wouldn’t change a single thing about us even if we could

‘Cause we’re both just yearning for something good

The good in people, love, and life

A better world, no hate, no pain or strife

All we’ve ever really wanted is this dream we share

So, I’m willing to pull over if you’ll take me there.

© C.M. 2019 All Rights Reserved

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Featured Photo Credit: veeterzy/Pexels

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