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pretty hurts.

Round and round.

Yes, round you go!

You take a bite, then choke real slow.

A morsel sweetly laced with sin

You pay to let it suck you in

The mellow taste– an addict’s plight

Your spine still tingles with delight

Now insides rot as facades shine

But now you’re trapped! It’s by design.

The tortured souls– So young! So fair!

Stiff, painted faces. Borrowed hair.

If purchased beauty is the trend…

For me, what can you recommend?

A lie? A farce? A masquerade!

They praise the nip, the tuck, and blade

Do they not know, what Frost did say?

That nothing gold shall ever stay?

© C. M. 2019 All Rights Reserved

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Featured Photo Credit: Designecologist/Pexels

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3 thoughts on “pretty hurts. Leave a comment

  1. I loved it. Wish I could write something like that. As a teenager I always struggles with this. Instagram and youtube just made it worse. At one place people say be confident in your own skin and then they are putting makeup too. I do not know if its good or not, i believe love the way you are but i still love the colorful and whatever you can say a fake masked person after a little makeup. What would you tell me a 18 year old girl to fall of the shine because all the girls are doing it and somehow it just uplifts you in other’s eyes.

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    • Thanks for sharing your point of view! It is true; social media has made it difficult for many people to accept themselves as they are. Personally, I love makeup, but for me, it is just a tool for artistry and self-expression. Unfortunately, I see so many people (especially young girls) taking it a step further—and perhaps a step too far—by getting costly plastic surgery to change body parts that sometimes aren’t even fully developed yet; it makes me quite sad.

      My best advice to anyone who is struggling to stand against the pressure to conform to today’s beauty standards is to remain aware. Know why you buy the products or do the things you do. Are you doing it because you truly love it and it makes you happy or because it feels as though you have to? Are we spending at least as much time developing good character and intellect as we spend trying to look a certain way? Who are we really doing it for? Ourselves? Others?

      Although many of the pretty faces are smiling, we must ask ourselves if they are truly happy. There are many hidden costs to placing too much emphasis on outer beauty. Besides, physical beauty, both natural and purchased, fades. If all we focus on is what we look like, what will be left of us once we can no longer keep up with the trends? Develop your inner beauty first and foremost—that will always be a risk-free investment. ❤️

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