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My Beautiful Twin

Mirror, mirror on the wall

You say I’m fairest of them all

But if it’s so, then may I ask:

Why my sole friend’s this old cracked glass?

You aren’t the glass, not quite the shards

A twin of sorts—we share twin scars.

This fractured frame is where we meet.

Two halves made whole, but ne’er complete.

You’re a fickle friend, coyly fragile too

With your hollow chest, static mood of blue

But I trust you, love—it’s a plague most queer.

You tell come-hither lies I’m so desperate to hear.

If looks could kill, you would stand on trial

for that intravenous strychnine smile.

You’re a siren’s song, boasting crimson lips.

Where’d a little girl find such carnal hips?

Who are you when you’re not with me?

Are you strutting and prancing for all eyes to see?

They claim to adore you, but it’s simply not true.

If they can’t love me, then they’ve never loved you!

You seem nubile—yes—with your wanton ways

Til you catch your prey and your facade frays.

You flirt with fire, then flee the flames

A coquettish child playing grownup games

When they find you out, you tuck tail and hide.

You return to me and I nurse your pride.

But it won’t last long.

It’s a passing phase.

History repeating.

It’s a cyclic maze.

I am your mind, but you are my face.

If you’re my idol, I’m your saving grace.

This glass between us is a private hell

for the sides of me no one knows too well.

 © C.M. 2018 All Rights Reserved

Commentary: Today’s poem was originally written several months ago. After tweaking the title and having plenty of time to contemplate my motives for having written this, I must say that it is another personal favorite of mine. This particular piece serves as an equally mocking and compassionate open letter addressed to the woman I see in the mirror– the woman the world knows. However, it was written from the perspective of a woman no one has ever seen– my inner self, if you will.

The dichotomy between the person I am in this physical space we call reality and the identity I have in the intangible space of my inner mind has left me confounded for ages. I never intentionally set out to live the life of so many different people (all fighting and claiming to be the “real” me), yet I find that I have spent a good majority of my life juggling many masks.

Despite these often contradictory sides of self being purely genuine pieces of my personality, having to manage the lack of integration has been quite tiresome over the years. Who should I show this side of myself to? Or that side to?

Perhaps you have personal experience dealing with such a dilemma. Maybe your social media portrays your existence as a 24-hour parade of unicorns, rainbows and glitter, whilst your actual life is more reminiscent of the city dump…on a rainy day.

I guess this raises a very interesting question or two regarding our true identities. I mean, which “us” is the real one? Is it the little voice inside our head that pokes and prods our deepest insecurities? Is it the person who cheerfully smiles at strangers as we pass them on the street, despite the things that little voice whispers to us?

Perhaps “we” are the sum of all these fragmented sides of ourselves.

Then again, perhaps we are none of them.

What do you guys think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic, so please feel free to share your opinions down below.

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Photo Credit: Pexels

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