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frigid untrustworthy thoughts.

How you gonna inhale when it feels like you are choking?

How you gonna pray when your heart breaks just from hoping?

How you gonna smile when you’re this full of noxious doubt?

How you gonna close your eyes and bleed the heartache out?

How you gonna tell yourself you’re better all alone?

How you gonna cope when no one ever rings your phone?

How you gonna find the light when voids are all you see?

How you gonna give up on the woman you could be?

How you gonna love them when you’ve not been loved before?

How you gonna help them if you’re down there on the floor?

How you gonna win this time? You always finish last.

How you gonna cure yourself of your terminal past?

How you gonna find yourself now that you are so lost?

How you gonna warm this heart now that it’s stiff from frost?

How you gonna wake up from a nightmare filled with strife?

How you gonna outrun all the phantoms in your life?

How’s he gonna hold you if you’re made of fragile glass?

How’s this gonna end if you’re not up to meet the task?

You’re never gonna survive if you stay frozen this way.

You’re never gonna thaw out if he dies and does not stay.

© C.M. 2018 All Rights Reserved

Thoughts, if left unchecked, can be more crippling than frostbite. I know this from experience. It is best not to believe every thought that goes through our minds. Some of them can be quite unreliable.

Besides, we can never be too sure who that is up there spouting the nonsense in our heads. Sure, the voice sounds like us, but the world is full of things that look like one thing whilst actually being another. It is of utmost importance that we learn the difference.

What does this poem make you feel?

Is it relatable?

Is it the worst rubbish that ever made its way out of a garbage can?

Either way, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts. 

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Photo Credit: Pexels

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    • Why thank you! Much appreciated. I was thinking about trying that with one of my poems sometime. I don’t know why but I always write poems and songs separately as though a song isn’t a type of poem set to music. I make zero sense sometimes 😀

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