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When Karma Comes A-Knockin’

Knock knock!

“Who’s there?”

Hi, my name is Karma. 

I can see that you’ve been startled,

But I ne’er meant to alarm ya.

Truth be told, I’m most polite on any other day

I’d call you up ‘fore visiting if I could have my way

However, duty calls me to the job that I must do

I’ve come to bring harsh judgment

The recipient is you. 

Pardon me, yes pardon me

So sorry to intrude

If you don’t mind, please step aside

I’m stern, but never rude

You see, we’ve met before—way back!

I was so sure you’d recall

It seems that my “familiar face”

Ain’t so memorable at all!

A cup of tea… For you! For me!

Dear sir, I’d be most grateful 

Your sudden hospitality 

Cloaks normal ways most hateful 

What’s that, you say?

You’re not that way?

No, no, I know of you

But first, drink up

I’ll have my cup

With a splash of milk, three sugars too


“What goes around, comes around”

You must know this little saying

They claim your deeds (both good and bad) come back

Boy, they weren’t playing!

My friend, I’ve caught a whiff of your misdeeds and deviations

And since I’m judge and jury,

There’s no need for litigations

Oh dear, oh dear!

What have I said? 

You’re trembling in your chair

I hate to break the news this way,

But this is only fair

You found it just to run amok,

To hurt all those you could

Well, I hate to say, but it’s not that way

My, my this tea is good!

Let me finish up, let me slurp and sip

Let me wet my tongue real fast

Then I’ll beat you up til you’ve had enough 

It is judgement day… at last!

Oh, the black and blue!

Don’t ask if I’m through!

I will gladly stop when I’m ready to

Please don’t cry those tears

There’s no pity here

I’ve no mercy for the likes of you

Now my work is done

Boy, I’ve had such fun!

I so thank you for your patience

Those two black eyes

They’ll heal in time

Best be glad you’re not a patient!

For if I return, you will surely learn

To watch all the deeds you do

The things you send into the world

Always come back to you

So, I’ll take my hat, my coat, my cane

I shall go and leave you be

But the next time I come knockin’

You be sure to remember me

© C.M. 2018 All Rights Reserved

Have you ever been visited by karma for something you did/said? Perhaps you’ve had the opportunity to watch karma come back to someone who treated you poorly.

If so, I’d find it most interesting to hear about the experience, so please feel free to share your story down in the comment box below.

If you enjoyed this little blurb I’d greatly appreciate you giving it a like or sharing it with someone you think would also enjoy it.

Also, don’t forget to follow this blog for more stories, poems, and ramblings! Ciao for now! ❤

Unless stated otherwise, all other photos were sourced from Pexels.

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